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Custom Website Design

Stand Out In This Saturated Digital Landscape With A Custom Fit Website

In just 0.05 seconds, you can captivate your audience and influence their perception of your brand. Craft an exceptional online journey for your site visitors and enhance your brand image with IKRON Digital’s tailor-made web design services.







Why Your Business Needs A Custom Website Design

Increase Your Search Rankings and Drive More Targeted Traffic

Your website serves as the cornerstone of your business, supporting all digital marketing endeavors and acting as the primary point of contact for your customers. A responsive and uniquely designed eCommerce website from IKRON Digital provides online users with a clear understanding of your brand offerings, distinctive value propositions, and core values.

As highlighted in a report by the eCommerce Foundation, 88 percent of U.S. consumers conduct online research before making a purchase or visiting a local store. A lack of professional custom website design can lead to frustration among online shoppers, resulting in a higher bounce rate, diminished online reputation, and reduced conversion rates.

Guard against such challenges for your business. Ensure that your intended audience can effortlessly discover and navigate your website. Invest in a responsive, well-crafted, and informative website to enhance your brand’s profitability and overall success.

Custom Fit Web Design vs Website Templates: What’s Right for Your Business?

Your website stands as a potent communication platform, enabling continuous brand marketing and connection with clients across various locations. However, not every website ensures the desired return on investment (ROI). The critical decision lies in choosing between a website template and a custom-designed website.

A website template is a pre-made web design that enables developers to insert content into a sophisticated framework constructed through HTML or CSS. While you can make edits to limited features like colors, font styles, and images, the overall design is fixed. Despite the time and cost savings provided by ready-made templates, they lack the flexibility and uniqueness crucial for effective branding.

Opting for a custom-designed website empowers you to craft and communicate your brand identity through tailored page elements that align with your objectives. While the cost of custom web design may be higher compared to templates, the advantages it offers provide a distinct competitive edge. A custom WordPress website design stands out for its search engine friendliness, customer-centric approach, uniqueness, and scalability, surpassing the limitations of built-in templates.

Selecting custom website design packages ensures that your website is crafted around your specific customer journey and brand messaging, enhancing its overall effectiveness and impact.

Why Custom Web Design and Development is the Best Option for Your Brand

In this competitive market, a personalized WordPress website design can set your business apart. Opting for a custom eCommerce web design helps eliminate unnecessary features and bloatware, ensuring optimal load times. Unlike pre-made themes, a custom design allows complete personalization of both appearance and functionality.

Investing in custom website design pricing brings forth a design that strengthens your brand, incorporates SEO-friendly elements, and boasts a robust site architecture. Still skeptical about the benefits of custom web design packages? Let’s delve into the statistics:

  • 40 percent of online users leave a website if it takes three seconds to load (Kissmetrics).
  • 90 percent of online shoppers place trust in brands that offer positive user experiences (UX) (Toptal).
  • 48 percent of consumers consider website design as the primary factor in deciding a business’s credibility (Ironpaper).
  • 94 percent of initial impressions are linked to a website’s visual appeal and navigation (ResearchGate).

A custom design website offers a reliable digital presence tailored to meet your business requirements for quality, branding, and usability. Utilize custom web design services to make a positive impact on your website visitors. IKRON Digital provides expert custom website design to enhance your brand’s online presence.

Custom Web Design Services

100 Percent Unique, Professional Website Design for Your Business

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Custom WordPress Website Design Process

Attract High-Intent Customers With An Engaging, Clutter-Free Custom Design Website

IKRON Digital has formulated a meticulous web design process to create impactful websites that yield optimal results. Explore the various stages of our custom web design and development process:


IKRON Digital kicks off the process with an initial consultation to understand your target audience, marketing goals, and requirements. We set expectations, address queries, and outline the different stages of your custom website design, providing initial custom web design pricing for clarity.


The strategy development phase follows, where we analyze kick-off data, create proposals, develop site mock-ups, and seek approval from your project manager. The aim is to establish a comprehensive action plan for the upcoming development stage.


Moving to development, we cover site development, content optimization, and on-site SEO, ensuring that all website elements align with your branding. After completing front-end and back-end development, we conduct a final site review and revisions, if necessary.


The launch phase involves transferring your website from a local server to the live server. To empower you with site management, client training is provided for handling the back-end. IKRON Digital also offers ongoing site maintenance and SEO, allowing you to focus on internal processes.