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The ride wasn’t always as sweet

  • First, a certain panda was their only main source of revenue online, which was costly for them, and wasn’t a brand asset either.
  • To establish their brand presence digitally, we needed a seamless website that provided a fast and reliable purchase mechanism that could rival that of the order-taking service.
  • The competition was high, and we needed to up our marketing game to meet the prices and demand within the market.
  • We had no prior digital data to use to kickstart our marketing campaigns.

But we had one strength: the brand’s positioning

So first, we started by leveraging that

We began our journey at the very beginning of the funnel by cultivating an audience that was not only aware of our brand but also intrigued by what we had to offer.

Everyone has a sweet tooth, and it was relatively simple to locate our target audience, those who adored cakes, tarts, and all sorts of delectable treats.

However, the real challenge lay in capturing their attention with our creative content and transforming them into loyal customers. To tackle this, we devised a comprehensive funnel strategy that spanned from the top to the bottom. In the initial stages, our primary focus was on expanding our reach and fostering brand recognition, all while encouraging a call to action that led them to explore our website.

And for that, we had Indolj

We firmly believe in the effectiveness of one particular eCommerce platform, and for good reason.

Introducing our brand on Indolj, we established a valuable brand asset that effortlessly transformed our customers into loyal, long-term supporters. This strategic move, combined with our exceptional services and top-tier products, ensured that our brand would always hold a special place in their fondest memories!

Finally, we optimized our conversion paths

We enhanced our digital marketing strategy by incorporating Google Search and Facebook’s automated ads into the mix.

This allowed us to cover all bases, from retargeting to prospecting conversions, spanning both branded and non-branded search queries. Our goal was to ensure that our brand appeared wherever people sought it out, and even when it crossed their minds. Thanks to this well-rounded approach, we not only exceeded our anticipated revenue for the first month by a remarkable 5 times but also achieved a remarkably low cost per purchase, often reaching as low as Rs. 150, thanks to our finely tuned campaigns.

Team Takeaways

The significance of a finely-tuned sales funnel cannot be overstated.

When it comes to reaching your target audience, trust the capabilities of Facebook and Google; they can guide you right to them.

By placing your faith in your instincts and crafting compelling visuals, you set the stage for your ads to work their magic and deliver outstanding results!