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Impressed? We had our fair share of challenges to achieve this

  • A very small window of time for sale generation.
  • Meta’s very strict learning policy takes about 2 hours to stabilize.
  • A niche, luxury product line with a niche audience.
  • A team that had never worked on such a sale before.
  • Operational concerns, which could ultimately lead to negative feedback.
  • Uncertain traffic numbers, and an unpredictable result forecast.
  • An expectation of a 3.0 return on ad spend.
  • And an untested strategy, which we’ll explain below…

So, what did we do?

First, we decided to run Brand Awareness

For a flash sale to succeed, your advertising strategy must be exceptionally solid, ideally constituting 90% of your plan. However, in the realm of Meta, outcomes can be unpredictable, leaving you in a precarious position.

To counter this, we began by creating brand awareness ads targeting individuals likely to remember our campaigns. Our goal was to highlight exclusivity, generate a sense of urgency, and reach as many people as possible, all while ensuring that our audience was well-informed ahead of time.

Then came a very handy Meta feature: scheduling

For a campaign to operate seamlessly, it must smoothly navigate the Meta review process and the learning phase. However, when you have only a narrow 3-hour window and can’t afford an extended review period, what’s the solution?

The key is to pre-schedule your ads, ensuring they undergo review and are ready to launch precisely when the clock strikes. Remarkably, this approach yielded superior results compared to the ads we attempted to publish just an hour before the sale. Regrettably, those latter campaigns never saw the light of day.

Let’s also applaud our audience & content

Putting strategies aside, it’s essential to recognize that your ideas can’t yield results if your content doesn’t resonate with your target audience. As a result, we placed a strong emphasis on crafting ads that were exceptionally clear. We prioritized making our products highly visible, allowing people to easily view them and take immediate action.

Our approach involved employing a combination of Advantage+ campaigns to leverage our past insights and PDP (Product Detail Page) ads to guide individuals directly to their desired products. We complemented this strategy with a mix of videos, instant experiences, and ad sets designed to tap into lifetime spending patterns. Taking this leap of faith proved to be a successful endeavor!

Team Takeaways

Embrace a mindset of constant experimentation, even when you need to make decisions on the fly.

Place your trust in the learning curve, whether it’s your own journey or Meta’s ever-evolving platform.

Prepare for potential challenges but consistently strive for the best outcomes. And above all, remember to celebrate your victories along the way.