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Each Success Results from Obstacles

  • Competitive keywords that needed to rank on the first page
  • Target high-volume keywords early on
  • Finding relevant websites in the niche to build backlinks
  • Make the website mobile and desktop friendly

Thus Began Our Journey to the Top

The First Plan of Action

Our initial course of action paralleled that of a doctor conducting a thorough examination of a patient to arrive at an initial diagnosis. In our case, this entailed a comprehensive technical audit of the website, aimed at identifying and rectifying common issues that were impeding its growth.

However, we recognized that this alone wouldn’t suffice to break through the stringent search engine rankings. To bolster our efforts, we meticulously ensured that every single page on the website featured content meticulously optimized for search, replete with non-branded keywords. Additionally, we embarked on an ambitious quest for high-quality backlinks and streamlined the user experience to facilitate effortless discovery.

The fruits of our labor were evident: our Domain Authority (DA) score surged from 26 to an impressive 42, and our portfolio of referring domains expanded by an astonishing 200%.

Developing the Same Strategy

Witnessing the impressive surge in our Domain Authority (DA) rating and the proliferation of referring domains was a clear signal to us that we needed to maintain this upward trajectory. Our subsequent mission was crystal clear: drive an abundance of traffic and maximize our backlinks.

We didn’t waste a moment. We rolled up our sleeves and dived headfirst into a multifaceted strategy. This encompassed the meticulous targeting of long-tail keywords, the creation of exceptional content, and extensive promotion across various social media platforms. But that was just the beginning; we also scoured the web diligently, seeking out high-quality websites to establish valuable backlinks with.

The outcomes spoke volumes: organic traffic soared by an astounding 200%+, our backlink count surged by an astonishing 600%, and an impressive 84% of the brand’s keywords secured positions in the coveted top 10 on SERPs.

Keeping up with the Progress

We adhered to the adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” Our proven formula had already yielded significant benefits for the brand, so we remained steadfast in our approach. Our continued focus on targeting relevant keywords and crafting content that resonated with the brand’s persona was unwavering.

In addition, we conducted some investigative work to uncover the questions and queries that occupied the minds of the brand’s audience. Ensuring that our content comprehensively addressed these inquiries became a cornerstone of our strategy. Naturally, we kept a watchful eye on the competitive landscape, consistently striving to maintain the excellence of our methods.

The result? A resounding triumph! Our articles continued to perform exceptionally, leading to a substantial increase in website clicks, with numbers surpassing 7,000, and a remarkable surge in impressions, exceeding 231,000.

Team Takeaways

Who claims that your client’s services are too unique to market? As long as there’s a demand, all you require is the right platform to provide the answers people seek.

If conventional SEO methods seem inadequate, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and embrace experimentation. Embrace the opportunity to try new approaches and discover what resonates.

Are you targeting an audience primarily conversant in Urdu but needing English keywords? Blend the two seamlessly and don’t overlook the power of video content. Who says language barriers must impede your progress?