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Chohan Real Estate, a prominent real estate brokerage firm, is headquartered in Lahore. They exclusively cater to the needs of real estate investors and have a niche in acquiring and subsequently selling residential investment properties through their affiliated holding companies.

Chohan Real Estate reached out to Ikron Digital with the objective of enhancing their visibility and rankings on search engine results pages.

SEO Results:

  • 103 new keywords added to Google
  • 185 organic leads generated
  • 5 first-page rankings for non-branded keywords


  • Effective keyword research and implementation
  • Followed Google’s best practices


Chohan Real Estate came to us to improve their search engine optimization, and we’ve helped them reach greater heights. They started out with 0 first page results, and through our process, we helped them rank on the first page of results for 5 different keywords. And because of that, they’ve generated almost 200 leads for their business!

We have Driven over 987,163 leads for clients through digital marketing

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